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ZScreen, application to take screenshots open source

ZScreen, application to take screenshots open source

Bloggers have a need to take screenshots Very often, and the ideal is to have an application that makes the task easier for us and that, above all, is quick and lively.

An interesting application for this activity is ZScreen, an open source application (you know I don't like to recommend shareware software). It is a light and fast program that brings what is necessary, no integrated image editor, cool effects and such things.

It is a 650KB application that when installed adds a cone to the tray bar, at the end of the installation it is very important that we specify the keyboard shortcuts to execute each actionIf we don't, the application will never take the screenshots. We have to set the combinations to take screenshots of the full screen, the active window or a specific region.

In addition we can configure other important parameters such as the application to be opened after taking the capture, since, as I mentioned before, the program does not have a built-in editor. With which we have to define which application will open, the program will automatically detect the image editing software that we have installed in the system and allow us to choose.

Another interesting option is to be able configure access to an FTP server for the software to automatically upload the screenshots to the specified server.