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Zoundry Raven, interesting blogging client for the desktop


Browsing a new blog that I just met, Deskmond and Software, I find a blogging client cross-platform called Zoundry Raven. It is an application that brings a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to visually edit your posts or switch between the XHTML editing tabs or blog preview.

Something interesting is that when I finished installing it and when I ran it, the detect program that had installed Windows Live Writer and I asked myself if I wanted to import the added blog settings, which saves us a lot of time to go configuring all our blogs again. Other functionalities include managing external media hosting, for example we can integrate the services of Picasa Web or ImageShack to upload our images.

Another interesting feature that I found is that when the program hangs while we are writing when we open it again it gives us the possibility to recover the document. In addition, if we leave any pending task and close the program, they are paused, for example if we are downloading a correction dictionary, by restarting the program we can continue with the tasks that were on standby.

The configuration options are simple but very complete, we can configure the application to send pings to various directories, add support for tags from various sites such as Technorati or, etc. An interesting one is the one that allows you to convert links into referrals automatically, for example we want to integrate a link to Amazon and the program automatically adds our referral (obviously this is optional).

I think it is an interesting alternative to the other applications for blogging since the functions they bring are very complete. You can download it from the official site for free, it has a weight of 9.9MB.