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YouTube finally brings "Full Screen" mode to phones with 18: 9 screens (Android)

YouTube finally brings "Full Screen" mode to phones with 18: 9 screens (Android)

Yes, we have had phones with 18: 9 (2: 1) screens almost since the beginning of this year. This new format that gives us smartphones with more elongated screens to fit more vertical content. The problem that this attracts? That 99% of the content produced today in online videos uses the 16: 9 format, which means that most videos end with borders on the sides, wasting screen space.

The only one that had implemented a solution in this regard, was Samsung with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, which put an additional button on YouTube and allows us to zoom in on the video so that it occupies the entire screen. Yes, we might lose some content in the top and bottom margins by enlarging the image, but sometimes, it was preferable to enjoy the content this way.

Another device that allows this gesture to enlarge the video and fill the entire screen? The iPhone X. Many other Android phones did not have this option.

Now, however, with YouTube 12.43 and 12.44 (12.44 can be found in APK Mirror, download the noDPI version)You can find this same gesture that works on iOS with iPhone X, on many more Android devices with 18: 9 screens.

Now we can enjoy Full Screen videos with more phones with these longer screens. I have personally tested it with:

LG G6 / V30: It works perfect. Just make the gesture of pinching the screen and automatically take up all the space on it. I recently did the G6 long term review and still use it quite a bit. I'm glad that finally, one of those little annoyances – that of not being able to zoom in on the video – has been fixed.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The Mate 10 Pro worked, but only after updating YouTube to version 12.44. At 12.43 (which was the one that was installed, and the most recent one from the Play Store), the gesture did not work. I had to download the 12.44 APK Mirror, and it worked perfectly.

Galaxy S8 / Note 8: Now we no longer have the button from before, but I do with the gesture to enlarge the screen, which feels much more fluid. And unlike the button, which we had to press every time we open a video, YouTube now remembers that we have zoomed and applies it to all the videos. Practical!

If you have an 18: 9 screen phone, just close the YouTube app, open it, and the gesture should be working! If you have a Mate 10 Pro, or another phone with an 18: 9 screen and it is not recognized, try downloading the 12.44 version of APK Mirror. Do not worry, as it is the official app, this will continue to be updated from the Play Store without problems in the future.