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Your Best Instagram Photos, how to get them?

Your Best Instagram Photos, how to get them?

Like every year, since 2015, Lip has just released the Best Nine, the 9 best photos – or, better said, the photos with ms Likes – that we publish on the arch-popular photographic network Instagram.

The only thing we have to do? Go to, enter our username, and wait. Due to the popularity of the service, it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes to get our compilation of photos. In addition, it is necessary to have our account as public so that the service can access the photos (Tip: they can make the account public, use the service, and make it private once they get their best nine).

The funny thing about Best Nine, is that it was initially born as a tool to market a dating or dating app, a Tinder, from a company called Lip In 2015, once we obtained our list of the 9 best photos, we were invited to join a mailing list to find out when the app is launched. Lip, however, never launched the dating app, but the idea for Best Nine really took off. The first year, 15 million people created the collages of 9 photos, and the popularity has remained even until this 2017.

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To get your photos, just go to! In addition to the best photos, they will get the number of total Likes, the number of photos published in 2017. And because you only need to enter a username, they cannot necessarily see their own photos, but see the one of any user who has their public account!