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You are not dreaming: Civilization VI arrives on the iPad !!!

You are not dreaming: Civilization VI arrives on the iPad !!!

A few days ago I made an article mentioning how iOS has become a would video game platform – one that developers are paying attention to again, after a dark age of free to play junk. How we were finally seeing interesting, innovative titles, instead of replicating the same mechanics to get money from free games.

This week, as to validate In the previous article, we have had spectacular releases. On the one hand we have Arena of Valor, a MOBA that nothing You have to envy DOTA or League of Legends, a balanced 5v5 game, with a large number of heroes that, thanks to having direct control (we use a virtual joystick, as if it were an action game), makes it even more fun, in my opinion. But this article wanted to focus on what has definitely been a surprise: CIVILIZATION VI (yes, the full game) is now available for iPad, ready to be enjoyed

It is not the first time that Civ has been available on tablets. In the past we had Civilization Revolution, a simplified version of the game. And Civilization V was adapted to work with touch screens in Windows. However, if It is the first time that we see a full Civilization game on the iPad, which is a real achievement by Aspyr Media, the managers of the port.

The game is free to download, and we can play it for 60 turns. I think it's a great idea to put it for free, because we can see how well it runs on our tablets. Then, If you want to buy it, the game has a 50% discount until January 4th, so if you are going to decide, do it soon!. The game is the original version; There is still no word on whether the expansions will be launched, and more. One point against: there is no online multiplayer, only via LAN, which is a real shame. Hopefully Aspyr can implement some kind of online multiplayer in the future.

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For now though, download and enjoy the game!