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Xperia XZ2 Premium, Sony's first dual camera phone!

Xperia XZ2 Premium, Sony's first dual camera phone!

Although we do not have a definitive date for the Sony Xperia XZ2 – at least in Latin America – Sony has just announced the top model of its line, the XZ2 Premium. And yes, It is the first phone that the company launches with two lenses. Another big difference from the regular XZ2? A 4K HDR screen to enjoy 4K HDR videos that we record with the camera.

Sony spoke up at the Mobile World Congress when it introduced the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact to the world. It was the first phone to boast two things: being able to record in 4K HDR, and being able to record Slow Motion in Full HD. It was when we tested it that we realized that these characteristics sounded better than they were. The 4K HDR video, for example, sounded great, but considering the Xperia XZ2's screen wasn't 4K, and the camera didn't have optical stabilization, it meant we couldn't see the actual results unless we broadcast it to a 4K HDR screen, and that a gimbal will be necessary to obtain video in acceptable quality. And the photographic sensor remained identical to the original XZ1 (the IMX400), so we didn't have a jump f; Important chart. Oh, and the Super Slow Motion in Full HD? It was limited to 0.1 seconds (half of what is possible to record at 720p), complicating the act of capturing something interesting even more, considering that the Xperia line only has a manual capture mode (the S9 offers an automatic mode that It works very well)

Sony, then, plans to remedy various things with its most powerful phone. We have the same Snapdragon 845, but this time with 6 GBs of RAM. The 5.8 screen is 4K, with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. And now yes We have two rear cameras, one with the same 19 megapixel IMX400 sensor, along with a sensor monochrome 12 megapixel, taking the same system that Huawei uses in its cameras. The monochrome sensor is capable of capturing much more light and detail since you do not have to worry about filtering light in red, green and blue (RGB) as a color sensor does, and it helps a lot to obtain much sharper photos. According to Sony, thanks to this the XZ2 Premium camera is capable of reaching ISO 51,200 in photos

In addition to a renovated camera system, Sony also offers 960 frames capture at Full HD, and 4K HDR video captures that, of course, we can take advantage of and see directly on the screen that is finally 4K HDR.

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We also have powerful stereo speakers in the kit, wireless charging in addition to Quick Charge, and a slightly larger battery than the XZ2, with 3,450 mAh of capacity. The phone would be reaching multiple markets in the middle of the year.