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Xiaomi releases the most brazen clone of the iPhone so far.

Xiaomi releases the most brazen clone of the iPhone so far.

It is not wrong to take the design of one or multiple products as inspiration to launch another product, improving or reinterpreting what has been learned in another way. The theme of the notch? Something inevitable on our way to a phone whose front part is a full screen. Apple was aware of this and made the notch a feature, something iconic, on their phone. In Android it was immediately adopted because, as I have repeated countless times, it is not that we are losing space on the screen, but that we are gaining space at the edges where we can place the status cones (clock, wifi, reception) in addition to notifications. Before the notch, This space Does not exist. For me, it is a won space, better used.

And it makes sense for other companies to follow suit. A phone with notch looks wider, with more screen. The P20 Pro, for example, looks better than the S9 +, in my opinion. Copying or taking inspiration from one or two characteristics is not bad, especially when the industry shows a tendency towards it. Huawei did it, LG did it, Google will do it.

What Xiaomi has done, however, is a real shame. Look at the Xiaomi Mi 8, on the left side. And to the iPhone X, on the right side. Inspiration? Nah, shameless cloning. That is what it is.

The phone, like the rest of the Xiaomi catalog, gives us a fairly solid set of features (Snapdragon 845, AMOLED FHD + screen, dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and a 20-megapixel front camera) with what is probably a fairly reasonable price. .

But getting to copy another phone in such a way is just wrong. The courts have already proved it, judging in favor of Apple in the trial against Samsung (when Samsung still could not find its own identity in the era of the Galaxy S2, as it now has with its phones). It will be interesting to see if Xiaomi dares to put it in other markets besides China. Because Xiaomi is a Chinese company, and the laws in China are not very favorable in terms of copyright, and even less when it comes to a foreign company like Apple, Xiaomi can do whatever it wants in its native country. But out of this? Who knows what would happen. The truth is that, personally, he would never use a phone with so little identity of his own, so eager to copy the rest, like the Mi8.