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Windows Phone Dies Today. Time to switch to Android or iOS

Windows Phone Dies Today. Time to switch to Android or iOS

Support for all Windows Phone 8.1 devices is ending, leaving a minimum percentage of devices on the market.

If you have a Windows Phone phone, chances are you'll have to start alternatives as soon as possible. Why Well, because today Microsoft has abandoned Windows Phone 8.1.

Yes, this means that there will be no more patches – nor the important security patches – for Windows 8.1. Just upgrade to Windows 10, or leave the platform for another. The problem is that many telephones on the market are incompatible With Windows 10 or due to hardware limitations, they work with performance that leaves a lot to be desired. Windows 8.1 and earlier versions are still the most popular versions of the operating system, from an era when Microsoft still seemed to care about the mobile market, and therefore mean 70% or 80% of devices available with Windows Phone, leaving only 20% of devices with Windows Phone 10. This will definitely have a greater impact on the Minimum market share that Microsoft had: just 0.3%, while Android and iOS manage 99.6% of the market

Part of this loss of users is also due to Microsoft, who, after announcing with hype to Windows 10 Mobile, did little or nothing to encourage the adoption of the operating system. We didn't have really outstanding phones that offered the operating system, we didn't have the necessary updates to keep it competitive with other platforms; in fact Microsoft has done virtually nothing with Windows 10 Mobile; not even announce their obvious dead, leaving many loyal users in uncertainty

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Putting an end to supporting the most popular version of Windows Phone so far, however, will definitely speed up the process of disappearance of the platform: Microsoft wanted to compete, but did not know how to do it, and the market did not let it either; He simply reacted too late to the avalanche that was the iPhone, first, and Android, later, leaving what was once one of the most important competitors in the prehistoric era of smartphones and PDAs, totally forgotten. All the greats of the first era of smartphones, such as RIM (now Blackberry), Palm (disappeared from the market), and Microsoft, have been displaced from the smartphone market. What is clear to us? The important thing is to adapt and react to disruptive companies, such as Apple and Google.

Goodbye, Windows Phone. Always remember the Lumia 1020 with great affection, because it was the first phone that Really He showed me what was possible with a smartphone camera.

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