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Will brl-CAD be the CAD solution for Linux users?


In all the Free Software events in which I have participated, users always come forward eager to migrate to GNU / Linux, but they are not encouraged because they do not know if the tools they use every day are compatible.

So, we show them the homonymous applications to the ones they usually use in Windows. But we always have one missing, and it is a tool capable of replacing the well-known AutoCad. Although there are certain alternatives such as QCad, none comes close to AutoCad's professionalism.

And luckily for the technical cartoonists (I am not: p), I found out through the LugParana mailing list of a Cad 2D / 3D application available for GNU / Linux and the rest of the platforms: brl-CAD.

brl-CAD is a simulation CAD software, 2D / 3D and related. The Army of the United States (U.S. Army) was the creator of this program (although you may not believe it), being these the main maintainers until today.

This Cad was born in 1983 under the LGPL license and is used by the U.S. Army to design combat vehicles. It is also used by NASA to design satellites, among other things.

As we found out through TecnicosLinux, brl-cad It has had a bug report of need-packaging in Ubuntu and Debian for many years and nobody so far has been able to compile, package, test it and it works. It is also not found in the Karmic Koala repositories.

But thanks to Juan Carlos Paco, we have a recent .deb to use with just a double click.

Download brl-Cad.