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Why you should NEVER use a "glass cleaner" with your phones, tablets or laptops.

Why you should NEVER use a "glass cleaner" with your phones, tablets or laptops.

The oleophobic or oleophobic coating, responsible for keeping the screen free of fingerprints

Surely you have noticed how when we just take that phone out of the packaging, it seems to be resistant to fingerprints, it tends to get less dirty.

This is because all modern devices, smartphones, tablets, which are intended to be manipulated with our fingers, usually bring an oleophobic layer, capable of repelling oils; therefore, it is able to prevent our fingerprints from ending up staining the entire screen.

However, this little layer on the surface of our phone wears away, and one of the fastest ways to wear it down is by using one of those chemicals, known as glass cleaners..

What is the oleophobic layer?

The oleophobic layer allows us to clean the phone with a simple swipe of the cloth. Instead of the oils from our fingers – the grease from our hands – remaining on the screens of our phones, the oleophobic coating gives resistance to these types of stains, making them extremely easy to remove.

This layer also helps make the surface of our phone feel smoother, our fingers slide quickly on this surface.

However, this layer, which usually lasts a year and a half or two with conventional use (Of course, it varies from person to person, since it depends on how much use we give the phone) it wears out faster if we use abrasive chemicals like those commonly found in such products to clean glass or screens. Even using alcohol to clean the screen can wear down this oleophobic layer faster. .

What to use instead of glass cleaning liquid?

The best way to clean our screens is with a little water and a micro fiber cloth. In this way we will not be wearing the oleophobic layer of the screen, but we still get rid of the spots!

And what do I do if I have been using alcohol or another product? How do I recover the oleophobic layer?

Fortunately, it is possible to buy a small bottle that will allow us to reapply this layer. It is not as permanent as the initial one and maybe we should put it back every half year, but it is a solution if the oleophobic layer they had has already worn off.

They will notice when they drop a drop of water on the screen. If the drop remains in the form of a drop and does not spread everywhere, the oleophobic layer will still be working

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They usually come in small bottles, which can be purchased from Amazon or eBay.

Once the bottle is purchased, simply put a few drops on the screen and then continuously rub them with a soft cloth.

And yes, this liquid can be placed on a glass protector or tempered glass on your screens. In fact, they now sell tempered glass with a built-in oleophobic coating, for a little more price, but it's worth it.

So you know! Forget about those screen cleaning fluids! Use a micro fiber cloth and, if necessary, a little water. No chemicals or alcohol!