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Whatsapp Voice Messages, How to Save Them?

Cómo Guardar Mensajes de Voz de Whatsapp

Save WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android, iOS.

How to Save Voice Messages from Whatsapp

Whatsapp, for many, has become the most important communication tool of all. And for some years now, the trend on WhatsApp is no longer just text, to become a kind of walkie-talkie, where users share voice messages with each other. As a result, many times we end up with voice messages that we love to keep forever, right?

Save WhatsApp Voice Messages on iOS

The process in iOS is quite simple. However, in order to listen to them outside of WhatsApp, they will need an app capable of playing OPUS files, which is the format WhatsApp uses. To do this, they will need VLC for iOS. A free app that supports this format.

Also, I recommend that you have a Cloud service to save these messages. I recommend Dropbox, as you can see in the Online Accommodation article, where you will also find other additional options if Dropbox does not convince you.

So before saving WhatsApp voice messages, I recommend:

  • VLC to listen to them
  • Dropbox or other similar service to save them and avoid losing them.
Whatsapp Voice Messages

In order to save WhatsApp voice messages, just go to the conversation with the voice messages you want to save.

Once the message is found, keep your finger pressed on it until you get the option to Forward or Forward

Whatsapp voice messages

You will see two options appear at the bottom. We give a tap to the one in the lower right corner, which allows us to share this message with other apps.

This will cause an app selector to open to which we can send the voice message.

This is where we have two options:

  • We send it to VLC so that we can keep the message there and listen to it whenever we want. Then we can copy it by connecting the iPhone to iTunes and exporting the audio
  • We send it to Dropbox, where we can create a folder with voice files to save them in the future.

Save Whatsapp voice messages on Android.

Whatsapp Voice Messages

For Android, the process is even simpler. The files are in the / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voce Notes / folder so just connect it to a computer via USB, navigate to that folder, and pull all the files.

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Again, you can use VLC for Windows to listen to these messages

Optionally, if you want to listen to them directly on your Android phones – regardless of the WhatsApp app – you can install any file browser (or use the one that came with your phones; most already include one), and go to that folder. If you don't have a file browser, I recommend Solid Explorer. Solid Explorer, in fact, can even play them directly, so they don't even have to leave the app.

And there you have it! It's as simple as saving WhatsApp voice messages from our phones to other places!