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Wallpapers for Android: Peppy Wallpapers, Walli, and more.

Fondos de Pantalla para Android

Finding good mobile wallpapers is sometimes difficult. Above all, with the number of apps that seem to be good or useful, but end up with low-quality, low-quality wallpapers that just look bad.

Today, I wanted to share the places to find the best Wallpapers for Android

Peppy Wallpapers: Original Wallpapers for Android

One of my favorites, where I've been able to find great, high-quality wallpapers, including several original works – that we won't find anywhere else – is Peppy Wallpapers.

The application is updated daily with new wallpapers. We don't yet have the funds separated by categories because the amount of funds we can find is not as generous as elsewhere, but they are sure to find at least a couple of decent wallpapers.

From the same application we can apply them, as well as fixed – that does not move when we advance pages – as in wide – that advances as we turn pages in Android. In addition, we can place it on our Home Screen, or Lock Screen.

Something that I love about Peppy is that their wallpapers tend to combine quite well with minimalist setups, and subtly colored Icon Packs. This is the app I've been using the most, personally, to find wallpapers for Android. It will not have the amount of wallpapers that the rest of the alternatives in the list, but it does have one of the most consistent ones.

Walli: Creative Creative Wallpapers for Android

Another application that I use frequently is Walli. Here we have more variety than Peppy, in addition to having the wallpapers separated by category, so it is easier to find what we are looking for.

What I like about Walli is that in addition to the typical New and Popular sections, we have a section where the creators of the app, as well as the artists, can highlight various wallpapers. In this way, we can discover artists who have wallpapers that we like, and we can continue their work!

As with Peppy, we can quickly set the Wallpapers for Android from the application, without having to leave it to configure it. Extremely practical if you found one that you liked!

Definitely one of the best options on Android.

Wallpapers for Android AMOLED

Did you know that if you have a phone with an AMOLED screen, like the Galaxy S8, S7, S6, by putting a background where the main key is black, will you be saving energy and prolonging the battery? An AMOLED screen does not illuminate the individual pixels that are black, so if we use a wallpaper where black is the predominant color, each time we are on the main screen, the consumption will be quite low. This is how Samsung manages to activate the Always On Display in the S7 and S8, for example, without there being a notable consumption in battery of our phones.

Be careful, this works only if the background color is totally black, or true black(# 000000)

The best place I have found for this type of wallpapers? r / Amoledbackgrounds on Reddit, a great community with great AMOLED wallpapers.

In addition to saving energy, another great thing about using these wallpapers is that thanks to the contrast with the black color on AMOLED panels, the screen can be seen spectacularly well.

It is not an app, but a website from where you can download the wallpapers you need. In passing, I would recommend that you create a Reddit account and use the App to visit the wallpapers. In addition to the Amoledbackgrounds community, I also recommend r / WallpaperDump and r / iWallpaper, where they also found a lot of mobile wallpapers!

Google Wallpapers: The official app of Wallpapers for Android

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I could not finish the article without mentioning the official application that Google has launched in this regard. It doesn't have as much variety as Walli, for example, but the Android wallpapers that you can find in Wallpapers are excellent.

I particularly like his "Earth" section quite a bit, which has a series of wallpapers with a zenith view (seen from above) of the Earth that just looks spectacular as a wallpaper on a phone.

Google Wallpapers “feeds” on funds taken from Google Earth, Google+ and other Google partners. Also, if we are in Android Nougat, we can configure it in such a way that the Home Screen has one wallpaper, and the Lock Screen has another. Additionally, we can even configure it in such a way that every day the wallpaper updates automatically, changing every 24 hours to give us something new.


My last recommendation is Backdrops. Like the other wallpaper apps for Android, the app stands out for offering us a series of attractive and striking wallpapers, many of which we will not find anywhere else.

Backdrops also has its Wallpaper of the Day section, which invites us to come back frequently to see what's new. I like the quality and quantity of wallpapers that the service has – Backdrops has hundreds of wallpapers – so if for some reason you have not found enough wallpapers in the other options, with Backdrops you have no loss!

And that's it! I hope you liked my compilation of favorite apps to find the best wallpapers for android. My phone is, I think, the screen I see the most during the day, that's why I care so much about having a good collection of wallpapers that is not only attractive, but also fun and wide, to rotate between various designs and configurations!