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VLC 3.0! Support for Chromecast, HDR, 360 videos, Hardware Decoding and more!

VLC 3.0! Support for Chromecast, HDR, 360 videos, Hardware Decoding and more!

After months in Beta, we finally have the final, stable version of VLC 3.0. This is a major release, bringing great improvements to many's favorite player!

Hardware Decoding

By default VLC 3.0 now uses the GPU (Graphics Processor) to speed up the decoding of videos. By doing this, VLC makes it easier to play 4K and 8K content! Including 8K at 60 frames per second! This has been implemented on all platforms, including mobile platforms

This is important because

360 degree video support!

Even if they don't have too many 4K screens where they can enjoy the content, 4K is useful when used in 360-degree videos! And now VLC allows us to control the perspective in 360-degree videos, turning the camera towards what we want to see!


Something that many will love to know is that VLC now offers native support for sending videos to Chromecast! Even formats that are not usually compatible with Chromecast, such as MKV, will be converted by our computer or phone and sent automatically!

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In addition to these important changes, we also have a torch for HDR (on Windows 10) and HDR Tone Mapping (on other operating systems). We also have a new engine to render subtitles, the user interface at last offers HiDPI support in Windows 10, and performance and battery enhancements are offered in iOS

In short, a major update to one of the best free players on the market! You can find VLC 3.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, from here