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Using Thunderbird to read emails, feeds, organize your schedule and more

Using Thunderbird to read emails, feeds, organize your schedule and more

When one hears the word Mozilla immediately (and almost instinctively) it associates it only with Firefox, the star browser of the Web. The truth is that the Mozilla Project is not only the creator of one of the best browsers in the world, but also other great projects such as Seamonkey (the internet suite par excellence), Sunbird (a powerful calendar) and Thunderbird, the quintessential email client which I'm going to talk about today.

Today who uses the Internet has a mailbox, not only to contact their affections, but because any service that we use in the network will ask us for our email address. And for that we have several companies that provide us with free functional email, be it Hotmail, Google and their Gmail or Yahoo! (just to quote the three best known). In turn, these companies They provide us with a web interface to access from anywhere.

But some people (like me) We prefer to read our emails from an email client. And what better software than Thunderbird! But why use software when I can do it via the web? There are several reasons why at least me and a few more people use an email client in these modern times.

To get started, Thunderbird has come a long way since its last update to version 3. Eyelash lovers will feel very comfortable with Thunderbird 3 as it incorporates them by default for all the actions we want to perform. In this way it is much easier to browse and read different emails, something that in a web browser can result in an infinity of tabs that are added to those that we already have open for our daily navigation.

Many people who need decent email decide to opt for Gmail before Hotmail or Yahoo! Gmail stands out not only for its enormous capacity to store messages, but also because its web interface is extremely superior to that of its adversaries. This is largely due to its powerful email search engine. which makes it unnecessary to reorder the emails we receive daily; although also the fact of adding functions with Gmail Labs makes many choose to use Gmail from its web version.

But Since Thunderbird 3 arrived, I never opened my Gmail inbox again.. For starters, when I start Thunderbird I just need to put my Gmail username and the rest is automatically configured, a wonder!

If Gmail has an excellent search engine, Thunderbird has a much better one, I assure you. Just write what we are looking for, wait a few seconds and all messages containing that word will appear. And not only that, but we can also limit the search, ignoring recipients, folders, labels and other accounts.

Another thing that we cannot miss today, is a good feed reader and a complete and powerful agenda. And it is not strange that Thunderbird owns both. Setting up our feeds is very simple, let's File / New / Other accounts We choose Blogs and news channels and voila, we start adding our feeds! And if we talk about agendas, the Thunderbird contact book is an excellent tool that we cannot stop trying.

Thunderbird 3 comes with a great calendar, task manager and other herbs. His name is Lightning and as always he leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. It is fully complemented by its parent software making it totally enjoyable, easy and intuitive.

By now you will have noticed that it is only a matter of trying this software to realize that it is not necessary to access our emails via the web and other tasks, since Thunderbird centralizes everything in an extraordinary way. Still thinking that something is missing? You can take a look around Addons page (yes, like his older brother, has a wide variety of accessories). If you are interested in this program, I recommend that you install two essential addons: Firetray that allows you to minimize Thunderbird to the system tray and Thunderbrowse that allows us to open the links of the emails inside Thunderbird, as if it were a browser.

If you liked Thunderbird, You can download here the latest version available and tell me how it seemed to them.