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Using iPhone X to Perform Motion Capture in a Game

Using iPhone X to Perform Motion Capture in a Game

# Using iPhone X to perform Motion Capture in a Game

The iPhone X's front camera is one of the greatest advancements we've seen on an iPhone in a long time. It is not only a camera, but a tool capable of recognizing, in three dimensions, our face. We, the users, can see how it works with Face ID – when the iPhone is unlocked by facial recognition – and also with the Animoji (avatars or fictional characters that imitate the movements of our face very precisely).

But developers are just discovering and taking advantage of what the iPhone X and its front camera can achieve, as evidenced by the developers of a new mobile game based on The Walking Dead, called Our World. In games, many of the characters we see or talk to use an animation system called motion capture, or motion capture, which consists of placing a series of dots on the actors' faces, which are then played by a computer and then copied to the face of the game character. With the iPhone X and due to how precise it is when it comes to facial capture, it is possible, through an app, to capture facial movements, small gestures or guides, and immediately transmit them to a computer. With an iPhone X, in essence, one can save thousands of dollars by using the front camera of the phone to replace more complicated processes. And this, of course, opens the doors for amateur filmmakers who want to create fictional three-dimensional characters to do so with just a smartphone.

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The level of precision and quality continue to favor professional instruments, but being able to have such a complete system in a smartphone, definitely opens the doors to many people. The problem? That this app is not available for download, it is a developer's own app, which they have used to save thousands of dollars in the creation of cutscenes and videos, in addition to a long time.

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