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Ulysses, the best Text Editor on MacOS and iOS, moves to a subscription model



It was inevitable; A subscription model is, finally, the best way to ensure a steady stream of income to continue the development of the application. And instead of releasing different versions of the app annually (Ulysses 2, Ulysses 3), it's a more elegant way to keep innovating, without having to replace the app entirely.

Ulysses, my favorite writing app for flexibility, speed, elegance, simplicity, now switches to a monthly / yearly subscription model, giving us access to the Mac and iOS app simultaneously. In US dollars, we have a monthly payment of $ 4.99, or annual payment of $ 39.99 for both versions of Ulysses. If they have a student account, they can pay $ 11.99 for six months. The figure in Peruvian soles is S / .12.90 per month, or S / .115 per year.

It may sound quite a lot, but let's not forget that the app cost $ 50 on Mac, and $ 25 on iOS, a total of $ 75 for both. Now for $ 40 a year, we have both versions.


And for those who We had already bought Ulysses before the transition to the monthly payment model, we have a 50% lifetime discount, as you can see in the image. Additionally, you are being given a free use time of the new app (already available in the App Store) that lasts up to 18 months, depending on the date of purchase.

However, the transition is not mandatory; Both Ulysses for MacOS and iOS have been updated to be compatible with the latest versions of the respective operating systems.. There is no reason to update if you don't want to, but there will be no more updates to current versions of Ulysses in the future; however, the team has ensured that the apps remain compatible with the respective operating systems from now on.

After the initial surprise (the email with the announcement caught me a little cold) and a moment of initial annoyance, I fully understand why they had to do it. The subscription model assures them a continuous cash inflow to continue developing the app, and it is a more elegant way to continue developing the same app, instead of releasing new versions every year. On the other hand, this is a very tempting offer, because for those $ 4.99 we are getting the app on both platforms, instead of a single strong payment of $ 50 for the Mac, and another $ 25 on iOS. For less than the app cost on MacOS, we will get both.

The way they are handling the transition also seems excellent to me, giving a lifetime discount to all of us who bought the app, plus free months according to the purchase time (12 months if they bought the app for Mac, 6 months if they bought the app). of iOS, and they add both if they bought both).

Ulysses is not for everyone. In many ways, Bear, another excellent app for taking notes and notes, is more than enough for many. But for those of us who spend hours of hours writing every day and need a place to put everything in order. Or for those looking for a WordPress writing environment that is not as chaotic and horrible as the WordPress web interface / apps, Ulysses is, in my opinion, the best option they will find on the market.

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All articles from the middle of last year, and all articles of 2017, have been written in Ulysses. Having an app of this caliber available not only on the Mac, but also on iOS (iPhone and iPad), is a real luxury. In fact, it was thanks to Ulysses that I was able to complete my transition from MacOS to iOS, moving on to using my iPad Pro 9.7 as my primary work tool. Noticing the quality of the app on iOS, how it didn't sacrifice features compared to the desktop version, was the final incentive to make the move.


Interested in taking a look? You can download Ulysses from here and use it for free for 15 days

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