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Twitter redesigns its version of iOS and Android, with version 7.0

Twitter redesigns its version of iOS and Android, with version 7.0

Update: Moments after removing the article, I noticed that Twitter version 7.0 has also been released on Android, with very similar changes

Twitter 7.0 on Android

Twitter for Android had already implemented several of the changes that are coming to iOS today (such as the side menu). But this does not mean that there are no new changes.

For example, we now have a new cleaner iconography, a new font that is more readable, and an update of retweets, replies and likes in real time.

Twitter 7.0 on iOS

Today Twitter has released a new version (Twitter 7.0) of its application, which brings a major redesign to facilitate the navigation and reading of tweets. This change is being rolled out gradually, so it may take a few hours or days to see it.

In essence Twitter for iOS is more on par with the version for Twitter for Android, which had already implemented several of these changes in the past.

Now, for example, we have a side navigation menu that will give us access to our profile, lists, moments and access to the configuration. This side menu is more intuitive and easier to reach than the old one, which was under a Me button. This navigation menu was implemented on Twitter for Android last year, and now it will finally come to iOS!

Perhaps most importantly, links are now opened in a Safari View Controller instead of Twitter's own browser. This has the advantage of having access to our accounts registered in Safari, access to our passwords, auto fill, and above all, to the reader mode or Reader Mode. It is definitely a cleaner integration than the previous one.

Finally, Twitter also has counters or counters of responses, likes and Retweets that are updated in real time:

Twitter has been making significant improvements to its Twitter client. As a Tweetbot user for years, I find myself increasingly turning to the official app instead of Tweetbot, due to the way conversations, Retuits (or Quotes) are displayed, and other things that have been gradually changing. Long gone is the era when Twitter was primarily a text platform, to become a true multimedia information platform. And for this, the best prepared app is the official one.

According to Twitter:

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Introducing a new look that makes Twitter feel easier to use.

A new navigation menu gives you quick access to your profile, accounts, settings and privacy from one place.

More noticeable headlines and rounded designs help you identify and focus on what matters

Article and website links now open directly in the Safari viewer, which makes accessing accounts you have connected to easier, and enables reader mode.

New intuitive icons that make it easier to follow and interact with tweets

Tweets are now updated immediately with reply, retweet, and like counts so you can see conversations as they happen, in real time

Accessibility options are now in a more prominent place. New settings are also available, such as better color contrast and opening links indirectly in Safari Reader View, to improve readability and readability of some websites.