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TweetDeck, interesting Twitter client for Adobe AIR

TweetDeck, interesting Twitter client for Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR It is becoming a very versatile platform that increasingly adds more followers and applications to its repertoire. In this case I found through a Twitter client called TweetDeckwhich obviously runs on Adobe AIR.

It may be a bit complicated at first to distribute things in the interface, but when you begin to understand it, you will find that it is really simple. Organize tweets in columnsThat is its main characteristic.

Furthermore, columns can display all kinds of information, for example one column for responses, another for direct messages, another for tweets from all of our contacts, columns with search results, etc. We can also create a column with groups of users, for example school friends, and we put all the contacts there to have them organized.

We can configure the time window We want tweets to be displayed, from 1 to 168 hours. One functionality that occurs to me is to use it as a feed reader, we create a group with blogs that have Twitter to show updates and that's it.