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Turn off your screen with a key combination


One day ago we were painting my new office With Ce and we took the laptop to listen to music (since there is still no light or internet, although we stole a bit of WiFi anyway), but since the day was very long (?) the battery of it was going to be spent very quickly, to what I thought: How cool would it be to be able to turn off the screen to save battery, and with the sagacity of Ceci that changed the energy configuration we did it (I would not have thought of it huh).

Well, but then that very personal preamble, which denotes a lot of happiness, I go to the central theme of the post, which is a simple application that allows you turn off your computer screen with a key combination, especially for netbooks or laptops, so you can save energy more efficiently.

The application is called PushMonitOff and it is totally free, besides obviously livina. We can download it from the official site and when running it loads a resident application that we can configure in the tray bar of Windows. It is not really necessary to configure anything, but we can change the key combination that will be used to turn off the screen.

By default the combination to do it is Shift + F1, something quite comfortable, when doing it the screen will turn off automatically, and we can turn it on by pressing any key again.

Seen on Lifehacker