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Transfer files from Android to Mac or Windows (VIDEO)

transferir archivos de android a mac

One of the things where Google has lagged behind the competition is in transferring files from Android to Windows or Mac, and vice-versa. For Google, a company with online roots, everything has to be in the cloud. "Do you want to access a file? Upload it to our cloud and you can access it everywhere" A concept that is practical, but only in optimal conditions. When we have a poor internet connection or, worse still, when we do not have an internet connection, Google's solution is useless. Here Apple and the almost disappeared Windows Phone offer better alternatives. Even manufacturers like LG or Samsung have generated their own applications – exclusive to their phones, or of course – to transfer files from Android to Mac or Windows.

Today, I want to recommend the solution I have found, the most complete option that allows me to transfer files from Android to Mac or Windows through a cable (the fastest option), or even via Wifi!Unlike other alternatives, this option is ad-free, super fast, and best of all, it's focused on just that: file transfer; It does not overload the app with extras or other features (which is why I abandoned Airdroid).

How does Handshaker work to transfer files from Android to Mac or Windows?

The process is super simple! Just download Handshaker. Handshaker has been created by Smartisan (phone manufacturers), but unlike software by other manufacturers, Hanshaker works on any smartphone.

Note: it is recommended to first delete Android File Transfer from our computers or Macs so that Handshaker works properly.

For Mac, you can download it directly from the Mac App Store. For Windows, we have this direct download. You can download it from the official website, but it is in Chinese, so direct download is faster and easier. Once installed, simply connect your phones to the PC or Mac.On the phone, you will see the option (as shown in the video) if we want to open a link. We click on "View" or "View", to download an APK on our phone. We install the APK on our phone and voila! Now we can transfer files without problems from one platform to another, and vice-versa!

I have been using it quite a bit to transfer heavy files (4K videos, high resolution photos and even movies from my PC to Android), and everything has worked wonderfully. The app works very, very well, without as much or problem as it happens with Android File Transfer, the official application, to transfer files from Android to Mac or Windows.

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Highly recommended! Watch the video to follow all installation instructions in detail.