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Transfer files between Android phones without Wifi, with Files Go from Google!

Transfer files between Android phones without Wifi, with Files Go from Google!

If you have used a phone that comes with Google's version of Android (Pixel phones, Nexus, etc.), you may have noticed that one of the omissions by Google is that of a file manager. While the rest of the manufacturers put some My Files to be able to see and manage files, Google, until now, has refused to include – or make one.

Now, as part of the Android Go initiative – to have and offer a lighter version of Android for emerging markets – Google is launching Files Go, which you can download from here.

The interesting thing about Files Go is that, in addition to being a typical file manager or administrator, it also offers us additional information, through cards, of what files might be occupying this space. . In other words, it not only gives us the possibility to search and delete files, but it also highlights heavy files, in case we want to delete them.

The application is in the Play Store, but it is not available in all countries, so it is recommended to download it from APK Mirror. According to Google, Files Go allows us to:

  • Helps free up more space in different ways
  • Suggests removing apps that we no longer use to keep the phone fast and feeling like new
  • Recognize and help eliminate spam and duplicate images
  • Find important documents automatically
  • Share files offline.

Transfer files between phones, with Files Go

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Files Go, is precisely the last point: the possibility of transferring files between phones offline. This is achieved by creating a kind of hotspot on the phone that will share the files to another, and let the other phone connect to download them.

The process works super well, and being able to transfer files between phones without needing the internet is really an excellent option. It works as well as AirDrop on iOS, only through Android devices.

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We have to give the App additional permissions the first time we want to share these files, but it is a simple and quick process.

Here is a video that demonstrates this ability of the app!