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Tip: Synchronize Facebook photos with Android contacts (CoSy)

Tip: Synchronize Facebook photos with Android contacts (CoSy)

CoSy (Contact Sync) is a super practical tool that fulfills a single purpose: synchronize the profile photos of our contacts with the contacts on our phone. In this way, instead of having the photo of our contact from a decade ago every time you call us, we can keep it updated with your Facebook profile photo! The best thing about Cozy is that it doesn't do anything else: it doesn't add our Facebook contacts to our contact list, it doesn't add additional details or it modifies phone numbers, nothing. He is only in charge of looking for the profile picture, period. I've already tried a bunch of contact sync apps that ended up destroying and spoiling my order in contacts, so it was a real pleasure to find an app that would fair what I needed .

The app is very easy to use. First we import the Facebook contacts (through a secure login with Facebook, or exporting the list to a file manually, then we link them with the contacts on our phone and finally synchronize. Again I emphasize: CoSy does not add new Facebook contacts to our account, which is a relief. Also don't add additional information to contacts. Just pull the photos. If we have several hundred (or thousands) of contacts, the initial operation may take a few minutes, so be patient! Once complete for this first time, however, the following processes will take less since you will not have to download the profile photos of all our friends, only those who have updated their photo. Then? It's a matter of clicking Link and reviewing the similarities of names and contacts. CoSy will return a list with names and contacts with a security percentage. Those of 90-80% are the most reliable and where we can mark almost all of them. Then we have those of 70-60% and so, where we will have to review them well. In total, almost 180 of my contacts were synchronized with CoSy, which helped me a lot to update the photos of my frequent contacts!

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CoSy is free, and we'll only see a banner ad every time we sync the contact list. You can download it from here