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TIP: Control Music Volume instead of Tone (Android)

TIP: Control Music Volume instead of Tone (Android)

Control the volume of the videos or music by default

I don't know about you, but I usually control the ringtone volume of the phone very, very little. I usually set it to a certain volume, and then I forget. That's why one of my biggest annoyances with Android is that every time I press the volume key, it ends up affecting the volume of the ringtone, rather than the volume of the media!

This is, I know, because if there is no video or song playing, the phone assumes that I want to lower the ringtone volume. But this is not the case; all i want is to turn down the volume before to start playing a video.

This is where Rocker Locker, a very simple app, comes to the rescue to change the traditional behavior of Android.

What does it do? Well, force the volume keys to affect the volume of the videos or songs (media), instead of the tones, always. It is a real relief since I installed it because, as I was saying, my phone is muted or vibrated 99% of the time. And that other 1% of the time doesn't require you to be changing the volume tone!

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The app is super easy to use. We just install it, then click the big Enable button and voila! Sanseacab!

Rocker Locker is totally free, and you can download it from here if, like me, you also hate that Android manipulates the volume of the tones when we want to change the volume of music and videos!