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Tip: Better control the rotation of your smartphone, with Tap n Turn (ANDROID)

Tip: Better control the rotation of your smartphone, with Tap n Turn (ANDROID)

Do you usually use your smartphone lying on the couch, in bed or in less conventional positions? Then you will have noticed that the way in which Android identifies when to rotate the screen, is not optimal. When we are horizontal and sideways reading something, for example, it can be a constant struggle with the phone's accelerometer to make him understand to our smartphone, no, what we want is for it to be kept in portrait mode.

Sure, we could go to the Quick Settings under the notifications and enable / disable the rotation, but having to do it every time we go to bed can be tedious and boring. This is where Tap n Turn comes into action: it is an app that prevents auto-rotation and instead puts a button on the screen, configurable in location and size, each time it detects that the phone has been placed in landscape mode to that we manually choose to change the rotation. There are very few times that I want the phone to go into landscape mode on its own, and with Tap n Turn, I can define exactly when I want this to happen.

That is, instead of automatically rotating the screen, Tap n Turn detects movement and shows us a small cone. When pressed, rotation will occur. Otherwise, the phone will remain in portrait mode.

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It is a small hack in the way Android works, but it seems to me that it makes it much more efficient and practical.

You can download Tap n Turn from here!