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This John Legend video was shot with a Google Pixel 2

This John Legend video was shot with a Google Pixel 2

John Legend's new video, A Good Night, was shot entirely on a Google PIxel 2, Google's phone produced in conjunction with HTC. Video conditions are tricky (a nightclub at night), but the Pixel 2 does an excellent job of dealing with image noise. However – as has also happened with this type of professional production with the iPhone – there are scenes where the dynamic range and the tiny sensor of a smartphone ends up pixelating the image too much.

The result? A video with a quality more than acceptable at almost all times. But when the disco lights up completely, in the end, we see a huge difference in image quality.

Smartphones are being used more and more in professional or commercial situations, like this music video by John Legend. And the renowned director Steven Soderbergh has not only recorded his entire new movie, Unsane, with an iPhone 7, but recently stated that he would record all his future movies with a smartphone:

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The quality of the phone sensors continues to improve year after year. The new Huawei P20, for example, have a spectacular sensor for photos and video. And companies like Moment are pushing this even further. Check out what you can achieve with the recently announced anamorphic lens for iPhone: