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This is what the iPhone 8 looks like (?)

This is what the iPhone 8 looks like (?)

The leaks of the possible iPhone 8 that we will see in the second half of the year began, and everything seems to point to the fact that we will have a front part that is all screen, from side to side. In fact, recent leaks of potential glass protectors seem to show that the screen even covers the entire front edge to edge, leaving a little space for the front camera and sensors at the top.

In addition to leaking this screen saver, it seems Olixar, a case maker, just released a couple of renders based on information and diagrams that they have acquired through their factories and contacts which, in effect, seem to show us a very, very similar aspect to that of the screen saver.

Of course, these leaks may be based on an old prototype, before the final version, but if we are guided by past leaks with previous iPhones, it is around this time that we begin to see versions that closely resemble the final version that we will see in the second half of the year when it is officially revealed to the iPhone 8.

From what we can see from the leaks, we have a phone that looks like it will keep the aspect ratio or aspect ratio 16: 9, but that will be Really all screen from the front, even surpassing the Galaxy S8 in this regard (which still maintains small edges on the front). The absence of a Home button could mean that Apple has managed to implement the fingerprint sensor on the screen, which is something that many manufacturers are struggling to achieve this 2017.

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Finally, we have that the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is now positioned vertically instead of horizontal, and with the Flash integrated in the middle of both lenses.

Another thing that we can discern from this supposed leak of the iPhone 8, is that it still has a flat screen, which surely is a relief for those who like to protect their phones with tempered glass; It is much easier to apply on a flat screen, than phones with curved screens.

Is Apple so close to achieving the much-desired achievement of having the entire front as a screen on a phone? Personally, I really like it, and I hope Apple manages to implement the Home fingerprint / button reader on the front, because, personally, I find it more comfortable than those phones that have the sensor on the back.