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Themes for Mobile: Personalize your Android phone to the fullest! TIPS

Xiaomi presents us its flexible phone

Tired of the current look of your phone? Fortunately, mobile themes are back in fashion thanks to the fact that Android, from version 6.0, allows us radically change the look of our smartphone using the

Themes for official cell phones

Starting with Mashmellow (Android 6.0), many phones have started to implement the theme engine, which allows us to officially apply themes for cell phones. Samsung, Huawei, LG, for example, are several of the manufacturers that offer this route and it is the best way to personalize the phone, because through the official mobile themes we can change the look of many functions of the phone.

An official mobile theme allows us to change the appearance of the notifications section, the background color of many apps (if we prefer to use dark or black tones instead of light, for example), the icons, the configuration panel. Also, we can change the wallpaper, font, and much more. There are other options to configure our phone (through launchers, for example), but it is through themes that we achieve much more customization. The themes, therefore, are the most complete packages when we want to give a unique look to our smartphone

Through mobile themes, for example, we can make even strong Android modifications look like the ones produced by Google, applying a Material theme..

On phones, just look for the choice of topics. On Samsung phones, this is usually under Settings and then under Wallpapers and Themes. On Huawei phones, Themes have their own App, which we can access from anywhere. On the LG G6, this option is also found under Settings, in the Topic section. This option varies according to the manufacturer, but most known manufacturers offer it.

Another point to consider is that not all offer additional theme downloads. Samsung and Huawei both offer their theme stores (don't worry, most themes are free), where we can download new themes that radically change the look of our phones. Being the most popular brands of smartphones, we have not only themes created by manufacturers, but also by various users. This is how, for example, we can search for themes with the Material look, to give our phone a look more similar to what we would find on Google phones such as the Pixel. In addition, we have multiple official mobile themes of certain brands, and many more created by fans.

This is definitely the best way to change the look of our phone, but not all phones offer it, so we will see additional alternatives to change the look of our phones!

Nova Launcher: Mobile Themes for Everyone

The best way to change the look of our phone is to use a highly customizable Launcher. The Launcher is the interface that we use to interact with our phone, where we place the icons, widgets and wallpapers. Thus, having a highly customizable launcher is what gives us the freedom to change the look of the phone considerably. And of all the Launchers, the easiest to customize, and most compatible, is Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher may look a lot like the one that came with our phone at first. But once we enter Settings or Nova Settings, it is where we realize the true power of this Launcher. We can change the size of icons. Change the behavior of folders, modify the grid size to insert even more icons on the screen (perfect for phones like the S8 or G6 that are longer than traditional models), and many other things.

The launcher is the structure that we will use to modify the phone completely, so it is important to have the most versatile of all. And Nova is still the best option.

After the Launcher, one way to give a new look to our smartphone is by using Icon Packs, or icon packs. Icon Packs allow us to change the official icons of the applications for totally modified ones that can follow a design line that we want. Do we want to apply modern mobile themes? Why not apply a fully transparent icon pack, for example? Or are you looking for a more minimalist look? Perhaps they want to return to the look of Lollipop, which had better cones than current trends? 2

There are many Icon Packs that we can apply to Android, between paid and free. Some Free I recommend:

There are options for all kinds of tastes, and above I share some of my favorites.

KWGT – Kustom Widget Maker

And to evolve beyond cell themes, we have Kustom Widget Maker. A tool that allows us to create all kinds of widgets but, more importantly, use many of the widgets created by the community.

With KWGT we can complement that wallpaper that we have applied from some theme with Widgets that will give us the date, time, battery percentage, calendar, in an elegant and visually attractive way.

The idea of ​​KWGT is not to limit ourselves to the widgets of the same apps (which, at least in my experience, are usually outdated or not at all attractive) and to allow us to create or download specific, special Widgets to adapt them. to our tastes.

See also

Definitely an ideal tool for anyone looking to customize Android with mobile themes.

I discovered this tool by chance, when I was looking for a way to turn the Android navigation bar on the S83 black. With Navbar Apps I got this and much more.

It is a tool that allows us to add themes to the navigation bar itself! That's right, not only can we limit ourselves to a single background color for the bar, but we can also make it vary according to the app we are using, or even use an image of ours.

It works quite well, especially in the option that I mention, that of changing color according to the app.


The last piece of the puzzle in the themes for cell phones is that of the wallpapers. Luckily, we have already made a special about Wallpapers for Android, which you can see here:

And that's it! With all these tips you can modify and change the look of Android and leave it just as you want. Thinking of renewing your phones? Don't miss this guide with the Best Android Phones of 2017!