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The Tablet is reborn: iPads again increase their sales

The Tablet is reborn: iPads again increase their sales

Tablets are relevant again. After using an iPad Pro 9.7 for more than a year as a primary device, many more peopleThey are once again seeing iPads as a viable replacement – and, in my opinion, superior – to the laptop in many ways. Something we saw in detail in "iPad Pro Review: A true replacement for laptops and PCs"

IPad sales in 2017

And in 2017, many people have also realized the same thing: a tablet can be a superior experience to an iPad in many ways, due to the quality of many of the apps available. Editing photos before uploading them to social networks, for example, is much more pleasant and practical to do from the iPad or smartphone. To write? I prefer a thousand times to take the iPad anywhere, without worrying about the battery, and use tools like Ulysses or Bear that have nothing to envy to the Mac versions. Additionally, the handling of documents by the operating system (for example, when I want copying a piece of text, or an image) works much better on iOS than on MacOS.

Thanks to the new iPad Pros, but above all, the new iPad 2017, which manages to offer a very powerful tablet for $ 329, iPad sales have increased 15 percent since last year,ending a decline in sales that has been recurring for years. This makes it one of the best quarters outside of the typical holiday dates, managing to sell 11.4 million tablets. Profits were only up 2 percent, noting that the selling star has been the iPad, rather than Pro models.áculo-de-trabajo-video/

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And is that the iPad 2017 is an excellent model for a large number of people, since it manages to combine an extremely attractive price, with exemplary performance, capable of running any type of app. And if we combine this with a good Bluetooth keyboard, we have a tablet that is an excellent working tool as well.

With iOS 11, this iPad renaissance is just beginning. The new operating system brings with it HUGE improvements in the user experience, especially for iPads. With a revamped multi-tasking system, better performance, drag and drop, and finally access to a unified file system, there is no better time to buy an iPad than now.