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The new iPhone 8 could abandon the fingerprint sensor completely

The new iPhone 8 could abandon the fingerprint sensor completely

Adis Touch ID?

Yes, it seemed crazy to me too. But these are the words of Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities who has hit numerous Apple-related rumors in the past.

According to Street Insider, we have numerous rumors surrounding the launch of the iPhone 8, including a confirmation of what the team's final design could be, which increasingly resembles the one seen above.

That's right, the new iPhone will come out in 3 models in this second half of 2017. Two teams very similar to the current 4.7 and 5.5 models, but also, a renewed design with a 5.8 OLED screen.

This new model is the one that catches our attention the most, as it is a smartphone that lacks almost completely visible edges around the screen, a trend that we have seen in the last two years and that has become more important in 2017, then see the Galaxy S8 and LG G6

According to Kuo, the OLED model, which will differ drastically from other iPhones, does not have a fingerprint sensor. The technology is not yet mature enough, and apparently an OLED panel is not very good at allowing scanning between the screen and the fingerprint sensor. Thus, Apple may be opting for a three-dimensional sensor capable of detecting faces, which will replace Touch ID entirely.. That's right, we could be facing a complete change in the way we check purchases or unlock our phone, in the case of the model with the OLED screen – which is the only one that would bring this facial recognition.

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Among other revealed details, we have that the iPhone 5.5 and the OLED model will come with 3 GBs of RAM, the same as the current iPhone 7 Plus, for the issue of dual cameras, while the iPhone 4.7 will continue with 2 GBs.

All models will come with 64 and 256GB storage options, and will, of course, still use a Lightning connector. However, These new models are compatible with the standard USB-C PD (Power Delivery), which will finally give us a quick charge on an iPhone, for the first time

Other additional details that Ming-Chi Kuo reveals is that the new OLED model will be revealed alongside the other two in September, but the launch of this new model will take a little longer.