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The Mate 10 Pro is launched with a P9 Lite 2017 almost as a gift in the Claro Online Store! Take advantage of the Presale!

The Mate 10 Pro is launched with a P9 Lite 2017 almost as a gift in the Claro Online Store! Take advantage of the Presale!

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro has already arrived in Peru, and as you saw in the review, it is definitely one of the best phones of the year, with the best camera for photos that you will find on the market, and a battery that leaves the competition far behind. If both are priorities for you when looking for a smartphone, the Mate 10 Pro is for you.

And best of all, is that Claro is offering the Mate 10 Pro in an excellent combo if you buy it through the Claro Online Store! If you have never visited the Claro online store, know that through the service, you can make the online purchase of their equipment, and these usually have special promotions, or come with packs or bonuses that they will NOT find if they buy it in the Customer Service Centers. The process is very simple, since it is enough to select the model they wish to buy (after research looking for reviews, of course), enter their data, and the payment method (to be carried out on delivery) and an advisor will communicate by phone.

VIP Accessory Pack / Un P9 Lite 2017 for S / .1!

If they buy the phone during the presale, which runs from today November 25 to 30, they will take the following:

  • A P9 Lite 2017 in Prepaid for only S / .1! That's right, an additional phone, for S / .1, that you can give to whomever you like, with a prepaid line from Claro! Perfect for convincing wife / husband or boyfriend / girlfriend that they need the Mate 10 Pro, and incidentally, they renew the phone with the P9 Lite 2017. This phone, by the way, we review here, and it is a solid mid-range.

Also, They can purchase a VIP Accessories Pack for the phone if they buy it online, which comes totally free

  • A Huawei kit for the car, which contains a special case for the Mate 10 Pro, and a magnet so that we can mount it in the car
  • Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones, in addition to the wired ones included with the Mate 10 Pro, so you can use them in the gym
  • Gift Card in Mont Blanc

So there you have it! An excellent offer that ends up giving us two smartphones in total. The price can be found directly in the Claro catalog, but believe me, it is at a very good price.

Other notable promos

I advise you to take a look at the Claro online store, as they usually have good promotions if they are looking to renew equipment. Especially since they are promos that, as I mentioned at the beginning, you will not find in the CACs!


Another offer that I found very good in Claro's online catalog is the recently launched HTC U11. It is less than a thousand soles (S / .949, to be exact), in plan 149! A high-end phone at this price, and that comes with SOS insurance – which replaces the equipment in case the screen breaks or the phone suffers an accident – for a year, it is a very attractive offer!

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The U11 is among the most eye-catching phones of the year, with very competitive specifications in the high-end. If you are a little tired of traditional brands, this is one of the most striking alternatives.

Xperia XZ Premium + Dualshock 4 Control

You can take this phone – which has all the high-end components, including the Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GBs of RAM / 64 GBs of storage, and a 5.5 HDR 4K display, for S / 1,199 at the 149 plan .

But in addition to the phone, you can take a Dualshock 4 controller from Playstation 4. What for? Well, because it is a Sony phone, the XZ Premium offers the possibility of doing Remote Play, that is, playing PS4 games on the phone is streaming. The gamepad, of course, will also allow us to play all kinds of games on the phone, be it emulators, official games, and much more.