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The mad dog of Linux in Buenos Aires

Data protection in video games

maddog in bs as from maccur on Vimeo.

East old man with a big white beard dressed as an astronaut is nothing more and nothing less than President and CEO from Linux International. And the video is the first 6 minutes (what a start!) Of his talk at the Regional Free Software Days.

Jon Hall travels the world trying to evangelize about the advantages of Linux as an operating system. It seems he likes to be called and he presents himself as maddog and that exactly matches his style. In the video you can see some of his humor, which he kept all the time -as the astronaut suit-, making the conference a great moment, bizarre and, again, great.

Making Money and Saving Money with Free Software The talk was titled but it was something much more interesting than that. I am not going to try to leave some concepts because I would not like to download them to text and make sense of them. It was one of those events that we instantly realize are going to mark us and that surely many people will talk about them in the future. So if they weren't there, birdseed 😉 I cannot and do not want to summarize what happened because I failed in the attempt.

I'm just going to remember one concept. According to Hall, he is not interested in computers at all and hopefully they did not exist. Deep down, he only wants to cover certain needs. To exemplify, he said: I don't want to buy a car because afterwards I have to find parking, pay for insurance, etc. I want transport.