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The LG V30 could bring a lower secondary screen

The LG V30 could bring a lower secondary screen

The LG G6 was a great goal from LG, a real comeback for the brand, which was struggling last year to risk too much with the G5. With the G6, we got a fast, comfortable phone with a fun dual-camera system and a great screen; the perfect formula to have a candidate for the best phone of the year.

The brand, however, has not abandoned trying to innovate with novel designs, only it seems that we will see these in line V. LG’s V line debuted with the V10, giving us the first phone with a dual front camera system, in addition to a small secondary screen at the top. The tradition of giving us a Pro phone in the second half of the year continued with the V20 which was primarily a refinement of the first. However, for this V30 – expected in the second half of the year – it seems that LG again wants to bet on something totally new: a secondary screen that slides from the bottom of the screen.

I love the idea of ​​a secondary display for quick shortcuts and as a quick way to display information, but putting it on top always seemed like a mistake to me: it makes this Secondary Display difficult to use. However, one at the bottom definitely sounds much more useful. And this is exactly what Evan Blass, the popular @evleaks, has now revealed on Twitter, with two renderings of what the V30 will be.

The first shows us the phone in action

And the second shows us the multiple uses that this second screen could have, such as dedicating it as a kind of sliding keyboard to give us a larger screen, using it for different apps, among other things.

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There are no further details yet, but if true, it seems an interesting proposal from LG!

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