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The latest version of μTorrent is now available



The new version of the popular software for downloading torrents has just been released, after many betas previously presented. Although it brings new improvements, the version this is the same as revision 12639, so you do not need to update the software in case you already have that update. Otherwise, it would be useful to download and install this latest version of the Torrent.

Among the novelties that this version brings, is the possibility of connecting with users of version 1.7.7 to share files. Likewise, the problem that exists with Windows Vista (Which caused the client to fall.) it has already been solved And if you have the latest Microsoft operating system, you can use the software with total comfort.

A negative point of this latest version is that They still could not correct the problem of coexistence that the Torrent have with the popular ESV antiviros, NOD32, so when using the real-time monitoring of the antivirus (IMON), it will disable the normal functioning of the Torrent, so it is recommended to disable the IMON system or change antivirus. The most recommended thing would be to change the antivirus, since having a system like Torrent, going without antivirus would be something very dangerous for the proper functioning of the computer.

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