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The iPhone 8 is filtered again, reaffirming its full-screen design.

The iPhone 8 is filtered again, reaffirming its full-screen design.

That's right, again Evan Blass does his thing. This time, we have a leak of the iPhone 8 in a protective case, which gives us a good look at what the iPhone 8 would be like, to be revealed next month.

What we have been seeing since the first leaks, is that small space occupied at the top where we have the sensors and camera. The interesting thing about this detailed leak is that we can see what could be a front secondary camera, perhaps confirming rumors that the iPhone 8 will be able to detect faces in three dimensions (Face ID) to be able to use it as a security method. . See the leak

Now, Face Unlock is something that we have already seen for some time, both on Laptops (with Windows Hello), and on other phones, such as the S8, which makes use of an Iris scanner, or the front camera, to be able to unlock the phone. Personally, in my daily use of an S8, I have become quite used to Face Unlock: it is extremely intuitive to look at the phone and wait for it to unlock. However, it is not the safest method, because we have seen in the past how a photo can deceive the sensor. Apple's implementation, if the rumors are true, would be totally different: having two front cameras, as it happens in the rear, the iPhone 8 is capable of perceiving depth; This is how you get the backgrounds out of focus in the images. AND This would not only mean a Portrait mode for the front camera, but also much greater security if Apple implements Face ID (or Face Unlock) on your iPhone 8, since it would be impossible to deceive it with photographs. . It is not so far-fetched, since Apple already has the highly advanced facial detection software in the Photos App (which can detect faces in our images).

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The case in the photo is from Urban Armor, who offers an identical case for the iPhone 7, so there is a high probability that it is a leak from the company. Be that as it may, expectations for this new iPhone 8 are skyrocketing, as we are waiting for a redesigned iPhone.

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