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The HTC U11 arrived in Peru!


The HTC U11 in Peru

At last! After a few months of waiting, the flag bearer of HTCYour high-end war horse is finally with us. What brings the HTC U11 that sets it apart from others?

The phone offers a lot of cool features, and in hardware, it has nothing to envy to others. We are talking about a Snapdragon 835, 4 GBs of RAM, a QHD screen of 5.5., IP67 protection. There was also a lot of talk about BoomSound, the audio quality in the headphones, and the ability to record in surround sound.But I think the U11 focuses on two important features: HTC Edge Sense, and its design.

Edge Sense

Edge Sense is a fancy way of saying I can press the phone and make it react. Or, as they said well at the event, it is the first “push-able” phone. The U11 has sensors on both sides, so it can detect when we press the phone. Doing so gives us another input method, which we can accommodate however we want. We can use it to launch the camera and take photos, launch a favorite app, turn on the flashlight, and much more. It is highly configurable, including pressure levels (how hard we must press on the sides for the phone to perform actions).

I tried it briefly at the event, as you can see in the video, and it seemed like an interesting way to interact with the phone. Now, is it more practical to have this function, than simply include an additional, customizable button? Answering this question would definitely require more usage time.

The new Design of the HTC U11

U11 is extremely eye-catching. After years of playing around with metallic designs, HTC has taken a 180 degree turn, presenting us with a glass phone. But instead of the typical designs, the color reflects a lot, giving the impression that the shades vary when the light falls in one way or another. It is a very beautiful phone in terms of design, one that can be admired in good weather.

See also

These, I think, I, are the main differentials of the HTC U11 in a saturated high-end market. But other features that I could mention, is the programSOS, which will replace the phone in case of accidents.The phone fell to the floor, and the screen broke? Or too deep a dive drowned it? Just take it to a Claro call center and the phone will automatically change to a new one, without having to pass tests or tests. This works once, within the 12 month warranty.

The phone is already available in Claro, from S / .999 in the plan of S / .189.I think it's the first time I've seen a high-end HTC phone at a fairly reasonable price at launch.

I still don't have a review model, but my friend Bruno Ortiz (blogdenotas), also a Techbroster, has an Unboxing here: