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The Galaxy Note 7 returns with the "Fan Edition". And it's a brilliant move by Samsung.

The Galaxy Note 7 returns with the "Fan Edition". And it's a brilliant move by Samsung.

Great or crazy idea by Samsung?

Imagine that they are Samsung, and that they end up with more than 3.5 million returned phones, in addition to several million more incomplete parts for what they expected, it was another success in sales for the Korean brand. However, the blast incidents began to occur and Samsung, to minimize the damage, made a recall of all equipment sold to date. What to do with so many pieces, so many phones sold?

This is the raison detre of this Note Fan Edition: launch the same Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller capacity battery, now passing all the tests that Samsung has placed so that the Note 7 problem never occurs. And for a much lower price: 699,000 won ($ 600, or 40% less than the price of the Note 7 when it was announced). At the moment, it will only be sold in South Korea, and 400,000 units will be manufactured.

Personally, I think it's a brilliant idea from Samsung.

If, on the one hand, it sounds a bit crazy to launch a team that has had such a terrible past, right? But When we consider the cost that the equipment will have, in addition to launching it as a limited edition (hence the name of the Fan Edition), of a team that was so coveted and now, so missed for those of us who could try it, I have no doubt that it sell quickly . Of course, selling 400,000 Smartphones for a phone that was meant to sell tens of millions is not a big deal, but this helps the company do two things: recoup some of the investment, and not have to invest any more money to get rid of of the teams. Getting rid of e-waste or electronic trash from equipment that cannot be sold definitely carries a high cost.

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And on the other hand, The main reason why this launch seems like a great move by Samsung, is because with this they will erase the bad memory that still remains on the Note line. . Considering security checks with the Note Fan Edition and its smaller capacity battery, plus we've already had a successful and crash-free Samsung launch – with the Galaxy S8 – the team will most likely be launched for remove the last vestiges in the collective social memory of what happened last year. Personally, I'm amazed at how quickly many people have forgotten or forgiven Samsung after what happened with the Note 7, which speaks volumes about the brand loyalty the company can achieve. And now, when the first reports of how safe and smooth these Note Fan Edition phones turned out to be begin to arrive, Samsung will be totally blameless when it launches its Note 8.

Initially, when the Note 7 incident occurred, I thought Samsung would remove all traces of its Note line by renaming it. However, seeing the slightest reaction from the public, and the enormous popularity the S8 has had – where battery problems seem to be a distant memory – aside from seeing this Note Fan Edition proudly using the name, I have no doubt that The flag horse for the second half of the year for Samsung, bears the name of Note 8.