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The Essential Phone, now at $ 499


The Essential Phone is still one of the most interesting phones of the year. Launched by Andy Rubin – creator of Android – many of us had high expectations with this phone. And while it met all the "checks" or features that we can expect from a high-end phone, the truth is that it did not bring anything new to convince fans of other brands to switch to this smartphone. And Essential made the big mistake of trying to go head-to-head with traditional manufacturers, charging the same $ 699 for what we could buy, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Realizing his mistake and no doubt due to poor sales, he has now received a attractive price cut that leaves you at just $ 499. And for that price, it's a smartphone worth considering.Especially, considering that the reception of the Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL has not been very positive, and that the Essential Phone brings a version of Android quite similar to that of Google. At this price, Essential is trying to reach more consumers who ignored the brand – despite the "pedigree" behind it.

The phone has not yet spread to many regions, so finding it in Latin America is still impossible, unless we use a courier. But if you have someone who can send it to you, you can find it for $ 499 from Best Buy and

To refresh your memory, here are what several people said about this phone:

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