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The Essential Phone, Android's parent project, has sold only 5,000 units

The Essential Phone, Android's parent project, has sold only 5,000 units

Disappointing figures for a highly anticipated phone

It seems that despite all the hype and all the interest generated behind the Essential Phone for having the Android creator behind the project, Andy Rubin himself, the general public has not shown much interest in this beautiful, but ordinary phone.

At least, this is what BayStreet Research, a company that tracks shipments in the United States, has discovered in a recent report. There is no official response from Essential yet.

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The reviews of people who had the opportunity to try an Essential PH-1 (Phone) all repeat the same thing: it is a solid phone, but at $ 699, it has little or nothing to differentiate it from the strong competition. Above all, in a year where other manufacturers offer phones with a similar aesthetic (without bezels or edges), but also, they give us extra things like the IP67 / IP68 certification for water and dust – which Essential does not have – in addition to increased brand recognition. In other words: if we have an S8 and an Essential Ph-1 at the same price, with almost identical characteristics, almost everyone will opt for the S8.

This, combined with the fact that, as a young company, it does not have the reach that other veteran companies such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Huawei and more, has made it difficult for the phone to stand out from others. The smartphone market is extremely competitive, so entering to fight for a slice of the market is always difficult. And the Essential Phone apparently didn't offer enough reasons for more people to consider it as a viable option.