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The beta of iOS 11 is finally stable! Install it without fear.


I have been using the iOS 11 Beta since it was released in early June. Since then, we've seen brilliant things, like in this summary of The Best Features of iOS 11. But alongside them, The Beta has been plagued by bugs and instability, which made it difficult to recommend having it as a "daily driver" on our main phone.

This has changed today with the new iOS Public Beta 3 (Public Beta 3) (Install iOS 11). If you were eager to try iOS 11, but fear the stability of the operating system, I am happy to tell you that iOS 11 is finally stable enough to use on a daily basis.. Of course, it is important to make a backup before installing iOS 11, in case you want to return to iOS 10 due to any incompatibility of apps.

I am using Developer Beta 4 which is exactly the same as Public Beta 3 (the only difference: Dev Beta 4 appears a day or two earlier), and in my experience during these 24 hours, the small errors, the lag that iOS 11 had for being in Beta, and above all, the poor battery that was experienced in this new version of the operating system, have practically disappeared. There are still several things to fine-tune, and the performance is not at the same level of fluidity as iOS 10, but many of the bugs and problems have already been fixed. To such an extent, that we will probably see, from now on, slight changes, small improvements, as we get closer to the release date of the final version (which is expected in a couple of months, for September).

Now, it should be noted that there are still app compatibility problems with iOS 11, where the apps themselves will have to be updated to this new version to continue working. iOS 11 ends support for 32-bit apps, so several – especially games – will stop working with this operating system. If they play a lot, or depend on Apps that have not been updated yet to have compatibility with iOS 11 (this can be reviewed from Settings / General / About / Applications; Here you will see a list of apps that will not work once iOS 11 is released, unless they are updated by the developer).

But if they don't play a lot, or don't depend on incompatible apps, and they can't wait until September / October, now It is an excellent time to update to iOS 11 and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Personally, I can no longer go back after trying the improved Control Center, where I can add and remove different options as I like. I also adore the new Lock Screen, which is much more intuitive and simple to manage and interact with notifications. However, the most substantial change comes for iPads, where a new interface, with a Dock, has changed the way I work with my iPad.

iOS 11 is one of the most significant updates for iOS, and finally, with Public Beta 3, it is stable enough to recommend it to most. That is, as always, be sure to Backup iTunes first, and check the compatibility of apps, later, if you want to install it on your main phones. I couldn't recommend doing it before, but now, with this new update, you won't find more problems to do it.