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The Best Wireless Charger? Tips for Wireless Charging! (VIDEO)

The Best Wireless Charger? Tips for Wireless Charging! (VIDEO)

Last video of the year! Do you have an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X? Or an Android phone that works with wireless charging, like Samsung's high-end phones (S6, S7, S8, Note 8)? Then you MUST see the video above, where they will find the best Tips to have wireless charging in our home, quickly and efficiently.

Here is a summary of what will be seen in the video:

Recommended brands

Samsung makes some of the best wireless chargers on the market. And the good thing is that they all use the same standard, the QI standard, so the chargers are compatible with a variety of smartphones. That is, that charger that charges the S8, Note 8, will also work with the iPhone.

Other recommended brands? Anker and Aukey, makers of great cables, portable batteries, and chargers, also have great wireless chargers.

With that said, my house is full of generic chargers that I bought on eBay, apart from a couple of name brand. And the tips that I want to leave you, have to do when you buy these generics

You have to use the Standard Qi

With this they will have no problems, since it is the most popular, and the one used in all smartphones. Even so, try to verify in the recommendations or instructions that the Qi standard is mentioned somewhere, to ensure full compatibility.

If the charger refers to being compatible with the iPhone, then if you use the Standard Qi.

7.5W is fast wireless charging, and works on iPhones and Android.

This chart from MacRumors shows us how wireless charging at 5W (the traditional one) gives us the same charging speed as the charger that comes by default on the iPhone, through a Lightning cable. It is not very fast, and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the phone, both with the adapter that comes in the box, and with a traditional wireless charger.

However, as of iOS 11.1.2, we now have Fast Wireless Charging, or Fast Wireless Charging, which increases speed by 10 – 15%. It is not much, and it may not affect them too much, but it is something to keep in mind when looking for wireless chargers.

Does the battery deteriorate the wireless charge?

Yes, but we probably won't notice. Wireless charging produces heat because it is a transfer of energy. Not every transfer is perfect, and the lost energy dissipates like heat. This causes the temperature of the battery to rise, which can reduce the durability of the battery. But honestly, we do more damage to the battery every time we let it reach 5 or 10%, or turn it off completely, than by using fast charge on a daily basis. I use it on various smartphones for years and I haven't seen a bigger impact. After all, we tend to change our phones every 2 to 3 years, too limited a time to see an adverse effect of using wireless charging.

Give wireless charging to phones that are not compatible!