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The best scripts for MSN Plus


As we all know, the Messenger Plus It is the best complement to add extra functionalities to Messenger. Although by default it comes with some interesting functionalities, installing scripts we can make it do practically what we want.

Nicks plus

As its name says, it is intended to add functionalities to the nick, with it we can generate funny nicks for msn, add rare colors or symbols, save and manage nicknames for later use, etc.

Google Translator

With that name I imagine that you already know what it is about, but I still tell you. Use Google's translation services to translate the talks with our contacts, especially for when we chat with some Japanese (?).

WLM Safe

It seems to me that it is one of the best little ones I found, it is already a kind of antivirus for MSN. With him we will be protected from the typical problems of insecurity that this messenger has. Enough of those messages with links to viruses, phishing attempts, SPAM, bots, etc.

Countdown Live

Allows us to put countdown in our status message. It's special for those people who always put countdowns like 20 days for sarasa, but now they save from putting it every day by hand, the script takes care of everything and changes it automatically over time.

Color Msg

It gives you the possibility to give an effect with gradient colors to the messages you send in conversations. When they use it they will remember those old chat rooms where everyone used colors and backgrounds for messages: P.


With that descriptive name, Enhancer adds a lot of extra functionality to the MSN. Some of them are hiding the window frame, eliminating blank spaces, activating the menu with the right button anywhere in the interface, deactivating the window flashing when there are messages, new ones, etc.

Reminder +

This script is special for the forgetful, with it we can program reminders to not forget to do certain things. We can program the date and time of the event, that an audio alert sounds, that the status message is changed at that time, that they are recursive reminders, etc.


It is a very simple script but it adds a more comfortable minimalist contact list that we can choose to always show above the other windows.

Background Changer

It allows us to change the background of the contact list for any image we want.

Giant Nick Generator

This script is spatial for the annoying, since it gives you the possibility to generate giant nicknames using ASCII so that you are the only annoying in your friends' contact list.


It is a script to rotate nicknames automatically, especially for those who love to change the nick every time, putting phrases and things. It is a fairly advanced script with many functions, I recommend that you take a look if you are interested.

Display Picture Changer

This script is similar to the previous one, but to change the avatar. We can choose a directory where all the avatars are housed and rotate them, obviously you can choose how often we want it to change, etc.

Screenshot Sender

This is special for those who live in need of technical support. With this script we can take screenshots and send them to any contact in a few steps.

Appearing Offline Helper

Did you see that when we are offline we cannot initiate conferences or calls? With this script we eliminate those limitations and we can do any of the things that are blocked when we are hidden, without them knowing that we are logged on, obviously.

YouTube viewer

It is very useful for when they send us a YouTube video, we can see it in a window included in the MSN, without having to open the browser to do so. When we click on a link to a video in a conversation, this window opens to see the video.

Needless to say, these are the best scripts for msn From my point of view, obviously each one of you see what serves you according to the things you want your msn to do. I also invite you to review and browse the entire catalog of scripts for msn on the MSN Plus site.