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The Best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS 11

The Best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS 11

One of the most striking things about iOS 11, is the incorporation of ARKit, a framework, a basis for developers to use all the advanced sensors of the iPhone, in producing Augmented Reality or AR applications.

Since iOS 11 came out, we have seen several apps appear on the market offering updates to implement AR. But due to the novelty – it is not the first implementation of AR, but it is the most complete, simple and massive that we have seen so far – we still have a lot of not very practical apps.

In this list, I wanted to recommend you some of the best apps that implement Augmented Reality in iOS 11.

What does it take to take advantage of these apps?

Unlike other Augmented Reality implementations, which require a specific phone or specialized sensors, the great thing about ARKit is that it works with devices that we already have with us! It is enough to have an iPhone 6S onwards (including the iPhone SE), or a 5th generation iPad (2017) or iPad Pro, to be able to take advantage of it!

The Best Augmented Reality Apps


Holo is not new. In fact, it has been in the App Store for some time (and also available for Android). But with iOS 11 all the potential that the app had has taken off. Holo allows us to insert virtual characters or figures in photos or videos. And thanks to ARKit and sensors on modern iPhones / iPads, the precision and quality of these holograms is pretty good.

If you want a free app to show, with examples, what this whole wave of Augmented Reality is about, Holo is one of the best for it, and one of the Best Augmented Reality Apps

Paint Space AR

Paint Space AR is an app that allows us to draw in the air, using our device as a brush. Because the iOS sensors do an excellent job of keeping us focused on reality through the camera, it is very easy to draw with the brush and then admire our artwork by rotating around it.

The app is fun, novel, and even allows us to place photos that we have taken on our Camera Roll, as if they were pictures, through the app. Paint Space AR is free, but additional brushes and effects have an additional cost of $ 0.99 for the complete package.

Mammoth Mini Golf AR

This is one of the funniest apps. Mammoth Mini Golf AR ($ 4.99) creates a lucky mini goal court where we stand! The mechanics are super simple; we simply choose the direction by moving the directional arrows, and then set the force with the right-side button.

The game is simple, but entertaining.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

My favorite game, mainly, because it applies a familiar and fun game formula, and amplifies it allowing us to play it in Augmented Reality. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR takes the concept of Zombie Gunship games, where we are flying over infected areas of zombies and we have to eliminate them by shooting from the plane, but apply it to augmented reality. The result? We have the addictive gameplay of the original games, with a feeling of immersion superior to being able to enjoy it in AR. Definitely one of the best experiences in AR, and not only one of the Best Augmented Reality Apps, but the best game in AR today.

The Machines

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This was the app that Apple used to present ARKit to us in its Keynote, and for good reason: it is one of the best that implements augmented reality. Unlike the other two titles, here we have a competitive game where any surface can become a battlefield. The problem? That being focused on multiplayer, and costing $ 4.99, there are not many players with whom to battle.


Inkhunter is another app that precedes the current AR fever, but since Apple released ARKit, it works better than ever. The idea? To allow us to see what different designs or types of tattoo will look like on our body before applying them!

AR MeasureKit

No AR list can be complete if we don't include AR MeasureKit. It is an app that allows us to use the sensors of our phone to make measurements in reality, just by pointing the camera. It works fine but of course don't expect an exact level of precision. This app really brings out all the information that the sensors of our phone can show us. And if they have an iPhone X, they can see a mesh of their faces, showing us exactly how the front camera works with Face ID. It is really impressive.

And there you have it! 7 apps that work very well to show us how and what is AR or Augmented Reality for! We are still in the infancy of technology, but I am sure that, with the passage of time, we will see more and more interesting proposals. For example, today augmented reality is used in events to generate an immersive experience among attendees. With Augmented Reality I feel the same emotion as when Apple launched its App Store, in 2008; one of the first app stores that brought us the current era, where we find apps for all kinds of things. Today, it is almost inconceivable to live without them, right? Well, AR, in my opinion, will lead us to a very similar revolution. Maybe not with our smartphones – who knows what devices we will be using in the future – but augmented reality is here to stay. And with these apps, they can witness the next great technological revolution.