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Talks 2.0 for all tastes

Talks 2.0 for all tastes

The second half of the year has just started and they are beginning to appear more and more talks, conferences or meetings that we could call two point zero -as it is fashionable- and that serve to theorize a bit and debate about the internet, new technologies and others.

On Wednesday, August 20, the third edition of Day of Weblogs is held at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. In reality, the theme this year covers much more than the phenomenon of blogs and among the speakers will be Alec Oxenford from OLX, Santiago Bilinkis -CEO from Staples Latinoamrica and founder of Officenet-, Martn Kogan from MySpace Argentina, Germán Herebia from FOX and many more.

The same day the Regional Free Software Days begin until Friday the 22nd. It is a regional non-profit meeting of an international nature to promote the use and development of Free Software And the guests are really a must do so look at the list because they will be surprised. At the University of Belgrano of Buenos Aires and everything sponsored by Linux and Google, among others.

As if this week is complete, Thursday 21 is the fifth edition of Palermo Valley Night at 7:30 pm at the Arguibel Wine, Food & Arts restaurant in the porteo neighborhood of Las Caitas. It is not yet known what surprises they will bring but registration is now open. For those unaware of these events, it is more than anything informal meetings to get together to chat between entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone interested in the internet and technology.

But not all encounters take place in the city portea. Mar del Plata Blog Day 2008 put together on September 5 an interesting group of bloggers, journalists and professionals in the Spa City, as Fabio Baccaglioni, Vanina Berghella and Juan Pablo Sueiro de Sonico.

I think the most important thing is that all these events are free, and if someone who does not understand too much of these topics is either Free Software, social networks or blogs, you just have to register and you will have a good overview of specialists.

As if to finish, it seems that Wordcamp 2008 is made the first week of November and we hope that the barcamp will also take place :]