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Take your office suite in your pocket with Portable Portable

Thanks, the project that compiles open source software to be able to port it on any USB storage device, we can take our entire office suite wherever we go.

In this case, we are talking about Portable. A complete office suite or office suite that includes all the tools already known in this application: Writer, Math, Impress, Draw, Calc and Base.

In this way, we can take our jobs wherever we need to go. It is already known that Portable supports most MS-Office, Word Perfect, Lotus documents and is very easy to use.

To make use of Portable, we only have to download the installer (.exe) from the website and run it from our PenDrive or any other USB storage device and indicate that same path to be able to transfer it from a PC to another. As simple as that.

It should be noted that it is only available for Windows platforms, although if we want to run it on Unix / Linux systems, we can do it using Wine.