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Swipe for Facebook, save battery on your Android

Swipe for Facebook, save battery on your Android

The main culprit that your battery in Android does not last anything? It is Facebook. Not just because we use it continuously, but because Facebook stays in the background at all times, constantly consuming resources. It is also one of the main culprits that the Android experience worsens; the app is simply designed to look like a parasite, sticking to Android.

When we uninstall Facebook from Android, we will notice not only a better performance in general (because the app is no longer consuming resources in the background), but a longer battery life. If, however, they cannot be without the social network, the best solution is to install an alternative app that brings us the news and news from Facebook, but in a much less invasive application.

My favorite is Simple Pro for Facebook, but an excellent alternative that has just been updated with great news is Swipe for Facebook.

Swipe brings us to Facebook, but in a much more fluid and customizable experience. We can even apply themes (I use a dark theme on AMOLED screens, for example) to the social network, or put a theme at night so that, at 7 or 8 at night, the Facebook interface turns into a dark color.

Swipe for Facebook also implements Messenger, so we only need an app to be able to message and access the social network. One of the great novelties of this version is a PiP or Picture in Picture mode, which allows us to watch the video while browsing the News Feed; exactly like the native version of the social network.

Among other things, Swipe can block advertisements and sponsored posts, show content by latest instead of the most important news, and also allows us to download the photos and videos published on Facebook.

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Swipe for Facebook is an excellent alternative for all those who do not want to leave out the meticulous social network, but also do not want to sacrifice the performance and speed that implies having Facebook installed.

I will soon be making a video showing Swipe, alongside Simple for Facebook and the recently released Frost for Facebook, but trust me, any one of these three options is superior to the original version. Un-install / Disable Facebook from Android, and install an alternative app for them to see the huge difference this makes.

Download Swipe for Facebook