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Swiftkey 7.0 brings great news (ANDROID)

Swiftkey 7.0 brings great news (ANDROID)

Today, Swiftkey has released its largest update since it was acquired by Microsoft. Since purchasing the creator of Windows, we have seen only slight updates to Swiftkey fixing bugs. Version 7.0, therefore, gives us an idea of ​​where Microsoft wants to take Swiftkey. And it seems that, rather than perfecting the act of writing from mobile phones, the idea of ​​Microsoft with Swiftkey is to provide us with more and more functions

This new update introduces Toolbar, a bar that appears at the top of the keyboard and gives us quick access to configuration options, keyboard themes, GIFs, Stickers, and more.

This new update also allows us to create our own Stickers that we can paste in other applications.

And finally, a number of new languages ​​have been added, such as: Ayizo, Aymara, Bariba, Bavarian, Bicolano Central, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Kirundi, Latin, Lombard, Mam, Miskito, Nahuatl, Pangasinan, Tongan, Tulu, Upper Sorbian, Yucatec Maya.

The update is already being deployed through the Google Play Store. If you still can't find it, you can always download it from APKMirror.

Personally, I have my doubts with this update. For years I have wanted – like many others – a lighter version of Swiftkey, to get rid of the lag that has plagued this app for quite some time. However, instead of working on a Lite version, Swiftkey continues to add, year after year, features that many of its most loyal users don't want. Unfortunately, Swiftkey still has the best simultaneous two-language prediction system, which is how I use it (Spanish, English). But after this update and knowing the destination that Microsoft plans for this app, I think it will give GBoard, the official keyboard of Google, one more chance.