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Support HP printers with HPLip on GNU / Linux


Thanks to the project HPLip (Hewlett-Packard Linux imaging & printing), carried out by Hewlett-Parckard herself, support HP printers and scanners on GNU / Linux It has become a very simple task to perform.

HPLip is an application that provides printing support for 1,924 Hewlett-Packard printer models, from Deskjet to LaserJet. It should be noted that HPLip is free software and is distributed under the licenses, GPL, MIT License and BSD License.

The interesting thing about HPLip is that to install a print driver it is not necessary to do practically nothing on our PC. How is this From the HPLip website we can use the Install Wizard option, in which we simply select the distribution we are using, the printer model, download a .run file, and to finish, we just open a console and type the following:


Then the system guides us through the installation process. So we just follow the steps, and voila, we have our HP printer installed and ready to print. HPLip handles everything, including resolving dependencies.

It is important, just in case, verify that our printer or scanner is supportedWe can see it at the following link.