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Super Mario Run gets new levels, now it costs $ 5!

Super Mario Run gets new levels, now it costs $ 5!

If you were thinking of buying Super Mario Run, now It is one of the best times to do it! The game Just received a major update, bringing us many more additional levels, characters and a 50% price reduction, costing a total of $ 4.99. For the amount of content and fun they can get out of the game, it's worth it. And now more than ever, thanks to this reduced price that will last a couple of weeks.

Super Mario Run now brings us Princess Daisy as a new character with a double jump. But the most exciting thing? The new levels and Remixes of the original levels. The new Remix 10 mode takes existing levels, cuts them to pieces, and then gives us ten stages in a random order. Each of these 10 levels will take us only seconds to complete, but since they are remixes, the variety is almost infinite. It's really fun and a great way to kill a few minutes playing Super Mario Run.

Also, we have a new mode with 9 levels to play. But to access them, we will have to unlock them by completing a series of objectives (obtaining a certain amount of coins in a level, finishing another level in a certain time, etc.).

The game, which in itself was already excellent – as we mentioned in the review – is now better than ever. And the price makes it an excellent alternative if you want to have a good time! You can download it for Android and iOS, from the official page