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Spotify Stations: Radio Stations by Music Genre, with a new official app! (ANDROID)

Spotify Stations: Radio Stations by Music Genre, with a new official app! (ANDROID)

Spotify has launched a new app called Stations in Australia. But since the app does not have checks by region, we can download it from APK Mirror, install it, and start using it on our phones (requires a free Spotify account). The idea behind the app is to give us a huge list of musical genres that play songs from that genre. The likes we give will make the Spotify algorithm improve and that genre will play more songs by the same artist.

If, like me, sometimes they just want to listen to music without having to put together playlists, or they got bored of the usual playlists, and the Daily Mixes have become somewhat repetitive, Stations is an interesting option, as we really have no control over the songs that are played. In essence, it's kind of like Pandora, the music app that resembles a radio, but using Spotify's music database.

According to the company:

When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to listen to can seem like a challenge. With Stations, you can listen immediately, and changing stations is easy and fast, no need to search or write anything. As you listen, learn what you like and generate personalized stations that you will love.

The interface is super simple. We are shown the musical genre in large text, and swipe up or down to change stations immediately to the selected one. At the bottom we will find the song progress bar, in addition to a Like button to play more similar songs, in addition to a pause button.

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I have been using it today in the morning as an alternative to using Spotify (and my daily mixes / discover weekly) and it has been quite entertaining to have something different to listen to, in genres that perhaps, normally, I would not consider.

Download Stations from Spotify