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SideSync by Samsung, synchronize your Smartphone with your Laptop / PC / Mac!

SideSync by Samsung, synchronize your Smartphone with your Laptop / PC / Mac!

A few days ago I commented on how AirDrop is essential for my work, since it allows me to transfer files between my phone, tablet and laptop with just drag and drop. The problem? It only works for Macs and iOS devices.

If you are looking for something similar, and have a Samsung smartphone, then good news! Samsung has developed a software, called Sidesync, that works with both Windows and Mac, and it not only allows us to transfer files from one place to another, but also, we can receive notifications from the phone, messages and even answer calls, directly from our laptop or PC!

In fact, we can also remotely connect to the phone from our computer, showing the screen and controlling everything that happens on the phone. Before Sidesync was available only for Samsung computers, but for a couple of months, the app is compatible not only with any Windows PC, but also for Macs. Just install SideSync on the phone and PC (from here). Both have to be on the same Wifi network, or we have to connect the phone with a USB cable. Once this is done, SideSync will synchronize on both devices and they can manipulate their phones with the PC!

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Sidesync works extremely well, and it is one of the best ways to mirror our phone to our PC! The only bad thing is that it only works with Samsung phones; It allowed me to install it on other phones (Moto Z2 Play), but the application closed as soon as it was opened.

You can download Sidesync from here